Your talent deserves the market and the market deserves your talent!

Talenter is the unique platform that connects via block chain technology, service provider of any kind and clients. Whether on site at the service provider or as a course at a venue.

Are you a talent?

Earn with the activity you can do best. Whether you're a gifted skateboarder or a magician, whether you're baking unique potato cakes or any type of burger, whether your green thumb turns every field into English lawns, or let grow the biggest pumpkins, whether you're building tree homes or soap box cars - here at you can offer your ability as a service or as a course.

Course, service or home-work? Both can be offered on TALENTER. It's your choise.

Are you looking for a talent?

Get things made by those who are doing it out of am-bition at highest level – the talents. Whether you're looking for someone to decorate your kitchen table with engraved tattoos, who transforms your hedge into a sculpture, who shows you how to polish old floor boards, or who organizes the best children's party or who cooks your favorite food – you'll find respective courses and services at

With you know as a customer always exactly what to expect.

TALENTER (TLT) - the first
building block for a
worldwide chain reaction.

TALENTER revolutionises the working world worldwide and frees millions of people from the fetters of traditional professional categories. Talenter counteracts the increasing automation and the associated release of labor with the opening up and organization of new services that can not be foreseen in their diversity.

Not only personal talent, but also the blockchain currency TALENTER, in short TLT, will be a sure guarantor of success. All offers, bookings and transactions as well as the service are shown in the TALENTER-Blockchain and the corresponding smartcontracts.

TALENTER (TLT) is a fully tradable crypto currency that allows access to any type of service and course. From

low-specialized services such as lawn mowing or dishwashing to highly qualified services like Translation or wood carving.

Together with reliable blockchain technology, this new and open working world will succeede on all continents. It offers flexibility, freedom and the chance of prosperity to an unprecedented degree. TALENTER (TLT) becomes worlds first service currency!

Each TALENTER ICO participant will receive the ICO TALENTER Emoticon "Checker" for lifetime, which is exclusively reserved for ICO participants after the ICO.

Execution of the initial coin offer (ICO)

Participants in the initial coin offer send Ether to the TALENTER Wallet. This guarantees the delivery of TALENTER (TLT) in the following conditions:

Offer phase A (Pre ICO): During the thirty-day period of the offer phase A (720 hours), all offers for Pool 1 are accepted over 20 million TALENTER (TLT). After the end of the b their offers. Decimal places resulting from the pool division are always rounded up to whole numbers.

Offer A (Pre ICO) starts on October 18, 2017, 12:00 GMT + 2, and ends on November 17, 2017 12:00 GMT + 2.

Offer phase B: A pool of 1 million TALENTER (TLT) is offered per day during the 50-day offer period B (1150 hours). Starting with Pool 2 (day 11) to Pool 51 (day 60). Once a day has elapsed, the daily pool will be distributed between all participating bidders in proportion to their offers. This process is fully represented in the respective smartcontract. Decimal places resulting from the respective pool division are always rounded up to whole numbers.

Offer phase B starts on February 15, 2018, 12:00 GMT + 2 and ends on April 6, 2017 11:00 GMT + 2. During offer phase B, a new pool starts each day at 12:00 GMT + 2, which ends on the following day at 11:00 GMT + 2.

For TALENTER ICO, Ethereum provides a secure and high-quality solution that meets the requirements of TALENTER: implementation of the ICO is reliably represented for all parties in an Ethereum smartcontract. Maximum security and the absolute trust of the investors is a crucial prerequisite for us.

Distribution of initial TALENTER (TLT) tokens

100 million TALENTER (TLT) are created in genesis total. 70 million TALENTER (TLT) will be distributed to crowdsales. 20 million remain in a Multisig Wallet for crowdsale marketing, partnerships and reward systems for members. 10 million TLT remain for founders whose primary source is TALENTER and is therefore directly linked to the welfare of the TALENTER ecosystem. Therefore, the founders will continually improve the ecosystem.

Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms of Service („Terms“, „Terms of Service“) carefully before taking part in the Talenter ICO (the „crowdsale“) operated by Talenter („us“, „we“, „Talenter“, „the team“ or „our“) with the user („you“, „user“).

General Information

1. By taking part in the crowdsale, the user accept these Terms and Conditions in full.

2. The user acknowledges and accepts that the terms are subject to change, modifications at any time without prior notice. The website owner reserves the right to modify or suspend access to the website at any time for any period.

3. By using the website and taking part in the crowdsale, the user guaranty that he is in age of majority to enter into this agreement and meet all others eligibility and residency requirements. That he is aware of all the risks associated with cryptorgraphic tokens and blockchain based systems and that he is the and solely responsible for any evaluations based on such knowledge.

4. Talenter team members can‘t be held responsible legally by the users if there is an abrupt stop of the project from an external cause.

5. The user understand that the team shall not be held liable to and shall not accept any liability for the change of value for TALENTER (TLT) Tokens. He also understand and expressly agrees that we donít guaranty in any way that the tokens might be transferred after the token sale.

Token Sale

1) U.S. citizens and U.S. residents or the U.S. entity they represent (including Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virging Islands, an any other possessions of the United States), Singapore citizens and citizen of or resident of the People's Republic of China or an entity formed under the laws of the People's Republic of China are not allowed to take part in the crowdsale.

2) By buying TALENTER (TLT) tokens, the user warrants that his funds are not coming from illegal or unethical sources.

3) Tokens sold are not shares and don‘t entitle the user to any dividends. Tokens are utility tokens and not investments.

4) Tokens are not refundable and don‘t offer any warranty. Users are solely responsible for loss of tokens.
Select a service, click, done! is revolutionizing the service market and is a unique solution to create new markets. However, TALENTER does not only redefine the service but also organize it with an unprecedented efficiency.

Smart contract and TALENTER app fully automates the processing of service orders, billing and payment. In fact, just one button is required for service ordering, billing and payment. After this, neither the purchaser nor the provider has to take care of the payment process.

But that's not all! If a service is not provided, payment will be automatically denied. On the other hand, if the service has been provided, paying is garanteed. Both service providers and contractors are on the safe side!

Payment and billing are already regulated in Smart-Contract (blockchain technology). The payment is triggered by a combination of codes and calendar data provided by the TALENTER smartphone app and the TALENTER bracelet.

TALENTER knows no gender, no skin color, neither thick or thin. is the tool to place your ability on the market. No matter if you offer a service on site, a course or home-work - your performance counts. TALENTER deliberately refrains from portraits and personal profiles. On you are only defined by talent and performance.

Blockchain technology makes it possible to offer and evaluate performance discriminating-free. If your service is good, you will be booked again. If you are satisfied with your service, you will book it again. The performance system of relies solely on these rebookings.

In background, an algorithm ensures that re-ordering are weighted in a performance-specific manner. For example the re-ordering of "lawn mowing" is not equated with the re-ordering of "tatoo", which is much more rarely occurs. Fairness is, after all, part of good competition. And good competition encourages you and your talent.